Painting Quick Tips
1. When painting wet on wet, remember a thin paint will stick to a thick paint. 2. Use an artist grade odorless thinner to clean your brushes. 3. If you wash your 1 and 2 inch brushes in soap and water they will become bushy and spread out, I only use thinner to clean mine. 4. Objects in the distance are lighter in value the closer an object gets it becomes darker to appear closer to you.    More to come…
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posted on  7/16/2014  

New videos coming soon, I will be experimenting on something new, I believe could really help people learn to paint more effectively, and be interactive fun, so check back often.
Our downloadable video art lessons are in .mp4 format, If you are purchasing and downloading a downloadable video lesson from your IPAD you will need to download an app from iTunes such as “bolt download” to help you download .mp4 files.
Jun 9, 2014 at 1:36 AM

June Class 2014

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Hello :-)  I hope you are doing great on this day that God has made, and I hope He has blessed you greatly! I have a new post from my June 2014 class. I […]

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