Art Class August 2014 • Dalton, Ga 30720

Hello 🙂 I hope you are doing well, I wanted to share another painting from our art class with you from our August Class in Dalton, GA. I teach this class monthly if you are going to be near by and want to come paint let me know contact me here .

This painting is currently For Sale Contact me for the price.  Size 16×20 oil on stretched canvas.


Below is a list of materials:

Brushes   or    Oil Paint Set

1. Carmine Red 1. 1 Inch Brush  = x2
2. Cerulean Blue 2. Palette Knife  = x1
3. Lemon Yellow 3. #4 Filbert  = x1
4. Titanium White 4. 2/0 Liner  = x1
5. Yellow Ochre
6. Sap Green
7. Ivory Black
8. Indian Yellow
 Canvas 16×20 Linseed Oil

I will post more photos of the step by step process later, if you get a chance try this one you can post it on our facebook page .

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