Art Class December 2014 • Dalton, Ga 30720

My December Art Class 2014 in Dalton, GA, We did not have a class in November but here is a brand new painting it is hard to believe that another year has almost passed. I hope you enjoy this and give it a try, I wish you a merry Christmas!  I teach this class monthly if you are going to be near by and want to come paint let me know contact me here .

This painting is currently For Sale Sold Size 16×20 oil on stretched canvas.


Below is a list of materials:

Brushes or Oil Paint Set

1. Paynes Grey1. 2 Inch Brush=x2
2. Ivory Black2. Palette Knife=x1
3. Titanium White3. #6 fan Brush=x2
4. Burnt Sienna4. 1 Inch Brush=x2
5.Vermillion Red 5. Liner 2×0 = x1
9.White Base Med.
Canvas 16×20Linseed Oil

if you get a chance try this one you can post it on our facebook page .

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