Our March art class had wonderful opportunities in this painting, We did  acrylic Gesso under painting let it dry, then we coated the canvas with a ultra thin coat of Linseed Oil? I know some artist do not like to use Linseed Oil they say it yellows over time, I personally have never had that to happen with any of my painting I have painted for around 15 years now probably because I use very little of the Linseed Oil when I apply it you can use other oil mediums if you feel you need to. Below I have created a chart of materials I used for this painting “Wooded Wisteria”if you would like to paint it.

Here are the materials I used.


Oil Paint Brushes Amount Other
Titanium White 1 Inch x1 Paper Towels
Ultramarine 0 Liner x1 Foam Brush
Ivory Black #4 Filbert x1 Linseed Oil
Van Dyck Brown #6 Fan x1 Thinner
Cadmium Yellow Small Knife x1 Acrylic Paint
Yellow Ochre Black
Sap Green
Veridian Need Some supplies visit the Store 
Alizarin Crimson


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