Peaceful Ambience


81 Minute Video




Notice how “Peaceful Ambience” has a beautiful green cast.
Everything is lush and beautiful, a quiet and tranquil time of the day, the calming waters reflect the green ambient light.
Learn how to get that deep in the woods feeling from your paintings.
Using a very limited palette, You can learn how to paint this painting!
Michael will guide you step by step through this amazing journey, only for painters.

Supply List

Colors Brushes Amount Acrylic Canvas Other
Titanium White 2 Inch x1 Black 16X20 Linseed Oil
Ivory Black #6 Fan x1 White Paper Towels
Cad Yellow #4 Filbert x1 Thinner
Sap Green #0 Liner x1  Sponge Brush
Deluxe Knife x1
 #1 Filbert  x1
1. Add a small amount of black acrylic to the white acrylic to make a light grey paint the entire canvas let dry.
2. Mix a little more black to the mixture to make a medium dark grey then paint the trees in, let dry before starting with oils (30 or more mins.)

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